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2011 MAG Mutual Physicians Fee & Coding Guide (Spiral)


2011 MMHSI Physicians Fee & Coding Guide Volume 1
Format: Spiral, 8.5 X 11
Stock #: 11-FGSpiral
ISBN : 9781600990311

Available: December 2010

This is THE GUIDE for anyone who is serious about the reimbursement process.

The Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide is unique in that it provides a fee range for virtually all CPT® Codes, including the new 2011 codes. Compare this Guide with other products that cost twice as much yet contain no coding and billing tips. You will find that the Fee Guide will help improve your medical practice.

2007 Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide - Sample Page

Sample Page

We guarantee that the 2011 Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide includes benefits only available through MAG Mutual HealthCare Solutions, Inc. The 21st Edition of MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions’ Fee and Coding Guide Includes:

Updated $FEE RANGE for Virtually Every 2011 CPT® Code
Many More Billing Tips and Opportunities to Improve Your Practice’s Results
New 2011 CPT® Codes and Descriptions for 2011 with Expected Fees
The Latest Documentation and Selected Coding Guidelines
As a Point of Reference, Medicare Relative Values and National Allowances (the $FEE RANGE is Non-Medicare)
Written by Professional Medical Practice Managers and Coders with Years of Experience assisting Physicians with the Coding & Billing Process
Today, setting fees is but one aspect of ensuring adequate practice revenue. One must also bill correctly, taking advantage of all legitimate coding conventions – use of modifiers, add-on codes, billing supplies, global periods, etc. And, of course, one must avoid compliance issues. That’s what this Guide is about – establishing appropriate fees and taking advantage of legitimate coding opportunities
Available in spiral or softbound


2011 Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide Vol. 1 (Spiral)
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