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AMA Stedmans CPT® Dictionary


2008 AMA Stedman's CPT Dictionary

Stock#: 08-09056
ISBN 978-1-57947-882-7

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Understanding medical definitions can be one of the biggest struggles a coding or reimbursement professional can face. Confusion often surrounds the process of reconciling differences between physician's notes and terminology used in CPT® code descriptions. Now, you can end the guesswork of code assignment by truly understanding CPT code descriptions. In conjunction with the best-selling Stedman's Medical Dictionary, the AMA's CPT® experts have developed a reference aimed at reducing this Frustration - Stedman's CPT® Dictionary.

This new reference contains definitions of medical terms found within the CPT codebook descriptions. Each entry contains a CPT customized Stedman's medical definition as it relates to code descriptions. Definitions are organized by CPT section, giving the user the context to further understand the meaning behind these descriptions. This reference was designed for side-by-side usage with the AMA CPT codebook in an effort to clear confusion surrounding complicated medical terms. Stedman's CPT® Dictionary also contains other information critical for medical understanding, including abbreviation and medical terminology appendixes. Illustrations from Stedman's Medical Dictionary are also included to supplement definitions and further understanding.

AMA Stedmans CPT® Dictionary
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